Why ExportMiners?
Danışmanlık değil,
İhracat yapıyoruz.

We support the businesses who know the value of export to this nation and work continuously to increase this value, with our infrastructure, experience, knowledge, and equipment.

  • Many Time Proven Work Plan
  • Equipped and Experienced Team
  • Weekly and Monthly Work Plan Reports
  • Competition Analysis & Planning
  • Clearence and Logistics Suggestions
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How we work?
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We acknowledge that every company has different needs,
the same time we do not stray away from our principles.

We as Export Miners group, work around a 10-pronged list. We acknowledge that every company has different needs, at the same time we do not stray away from our principles.

Meeting Phase

We get to know you, your dreams, your business, and the products you produce as Export Miners. We take note of your products, we ask for your catalogues and all the visuals you have. We take notes of the markets you target, why you target them and your other ambitions.

Privacy is Essential for Us!

Once you decide to work with Export Miners, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (Confidentiality Agreement). Thus, we can update the data we share as trade secrets.

Araştırma faaliyetlerine başlıyoruz

We prepare a control list from your web site and products to your portfolio and quality certifications, as we see export as a whole.

Researching Your Products

We determine the products you produce and trade, and the HS Codes of these products.

Export Services
Export Product

Within our export product reporting service, which is not well known due to the shortage of competent personnel who can do data mining and commercial intelligence; surprises the companies which do not export their products without any difficulties.

Example Report and More Information
Let's meet and work together to improve your exports to the highest level.