Example Scenarios
We support the businesses who know the value of export to this nation and work continuously to increase this value, with our infrastructure, experience, knowledge, and equipment.
I Can’t Export My Products!

Mr. Kaya is a veteran in the farming industry, he has been farming for years. Before the harvest time buyers pay Mr. Kaya and buy his products. Alas Mr. Kaya cannot or won’t export these products because he has no experience in foreign markets and export. Thus, he just has the option of settling for prices the buyers pay him every year.

Solution: Export Miners

Whether it be a newly founded company, or a 50-year-old company; Export Miners is here to help you in export from the ground up, and get you ready to export your products as soon as possible. Especially for the companies who have not exported any of their products yet, we follow a more sensitive and protective road.

I am Exporting But…

Ms. Demir who founded her textile workshop with her sweat and tears, succeeded to export her dear products to Italy last year. Yet, Mr. Yildiz who started at the same time as Ms. Demir, exports more than her, even though they both export to Italy. Has Ms. Demir not been able to use the market efficiently? Couldn’t she have reached the same customers that Mr. Yildiz has? Has Ms. Demir been selling her products cheaper?

Solution: Export Miners

As Export Miners we devise unique market strategies for every business. In short, we find the right market with together with you. In the markets we choose, we examine the unit price, manufacturers, and the possible obstacles we can face. After this inspection we start working on increasing your customer count in the market and review the newfound opportunities we come across. You can click here if you want to meet Export Miners, to improve your export,to find new customers, and to enter different markets.

My Export Network Extensive Enough

Mr. Zeki has been running the family business for a long time. He invested all of his life’s work in this company. Successful export decisions came back to Mr. Zeki as a powerful export network. Is there any more room to progress further?

Solution: Export Miners

Of course, there is. As Export Miners we review your current network and determine the expendable markets. One of the places you didn’t consider producing in is maybe a stock depot in EU. We can work together to minimize your expenses and improve your benefits. You can click here if you want to meet Export Miners, improve your export, find new customers, and enter different markets.

Let's meet and work together to improve your exports to the highest level.