How We Work?
We as Export Miners group, work around a 10-pronged list. We acknowledge that every company has different needs, at the same time we do not stray away from our principles.
Meeting Phase

We get to know you, your dreams, your business, and the products you produce as Export Miners. We take note of your products, we ask for your catalogues and all the visuals you have. We take notes of the markets you target, why you target them and your other ambitions.

Privacy is Essential for Us!

Once you decide to work with Export Miners, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (Confidentiality Agreement). Thus, we can update the data we share as trade secrets.

Starting Research Activities

We prepare a control list from your web site and products to your portfolio and quality certifications, as we see export as a whole. Thus, we solve any possible problems about your export without them ever happening in the first place. At this point, as Export Miners we determine from where, how and at what cost we can meet the shortcomings and set a date for the eventual fixing of the problems. You can see the due date by the schedule we specially prepare for your company. At this stage we also research other companies and list all of their assets. Thus, we allow you to be more competitive in the market.

Researching Your Products

We determine the products you produce and trade, and the HS Codes of these products.

Determining the Target Market

We research the markets all over the world, with the information from the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. With the target market research we do, we can reach the number, weight and the cost of the product that’s being sold from Turkey. And the research does not end with Turkey either, we determine the price all other countries pay for the product. We lay out the possible problems we might be facing in terms of tax and logistics.

Time for Setting a Goal

We meet up with you after the report we prepare, and create at least 3 potential target markets. We compile the relevant catalogues suitable to the markets we created, and even rearrange your website if it deems necessary.

Opening our E-Mail Addresses

We demand an email address that belongs to you, but our Export Miners team will use. So, you can see every incoming and outgoing mail on your e-mail account.

It is Time for Finding Customers!

The search for customers in the markets we determined together begins. At this stage we never contact the customers. We present you the customers in our target markets in a report and await your opinions and suggestions. We divide the customers into two categories while creating the customer list: Potential Customers and Certain Customers. What is the difference between them? Certain Customer: They are the companies that belong in one of our target markets and imports our products and filed an import declaration by declaring them to their governments. Also, they can be called as the customers that we were searching for already. Potential Customer: They are the companies that can buy our products and trade in our target markets.

Communication Begins!

Now that everything is ready, it’s time to get in contact with our customers. The cutting-edge technology we use here at Export Miners gives us a couple of advantages. For instance, we have the ability to check; -Where your mail was read -How many times it has been read -How many times it has been forwarded -How many times the catalogue attachment has been opened And other important information like above. On the other hand, there are customers who we reach by phone. The Export Miners team can inform you on how many times our customers were called and got in contact with weekly or monthly reports. We create a secure line with our customers as all of the communication happens on your mail address, and Export Miners team conducts your account on your behalf.

Let the Campaign Begin

Without no doubt, there will inevitably be customers who stick out from the pack. We determine these customers and because we entered the target market recently, we set the special prices with you. This way we increase our campaign’s success rate.

Let's meet and work together to improve your exports to the highest level.