Why ExportMiners?
We acknowledge that every company has different needs, the same time we do not stray away from our principles.
We support the businesses who know the value of export to this nation and work continuously to increase this value, with our infrastructure, experience, knowledge, and equipment.
Our Most Essential Rule is “Privacy

As Export Miners we sign a non-disclosure agreement (Confidentiality Agreement) with every business we work with. After making sure every info we share between us stay as trade secrets, it’s time for the work to start.

Weekly and Monthly Work Plan Reports

n our weekly and monthly work plan reports you can find: *Where we are on the work plan, *What we do in each stage of the plan. Via our reports you can check up on our Export Miners team and give suggestions or voice your concerns.

Customs Clearance and Logistics Suggestions

As Export Miners we are with you when it comes to factors that determine the overall cost, customs clearance, and logistics. We help in logistics with fast and reliable information, and in customs clearance, we help to solve any probable problems before they ever come to pass.

Equipped and Experienced Team

As Export Miners, we are confident in our team’s equipage, knowledge, and experience in the area of export. You can regularly check on what our team is doing that day, what they are going to do tomorrow and be sure of no delays on the dates we set together.

Competition Analyses

To help you be more competitive, we as Export Miners research the rival businesses you choose, add any possible shortcomings that may come up into our workplan.

We are more than just an Exporting Agency

As Export Miners family, we help with a vast array of services from your company’s website and photoshoots of your catalogs to bettering its corporate identity. We unquestionably know that export cannot be genuinely well done without infrastructural knowledge.

Many Times Proven Work Plan

As Export Miners we construct a special work plan for you by combining the work plans that have been proven to be successful in numerous companies.

Target Market Research and Detailed Country Reports

Are you sure that Spain is your main target? What if we told you; you can export the same product to Italy with a larger profit margin, wouldn’t you be surprised? How about we present you a report that explains the import tax that gets applied in Portugal or Germany? But let’s settle down, we have a lot of progress ahead of us…

Let's meet and work together to improve your exports to the highest level.